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Philosophy Short Statements Are To Be used On Daily Behaviours

Below are samples of daily behaviours / habits.

We create enriched learning environments.


Our professionalism is always on show.


Our families are our most important asset.


We create the safest service.


We implement EYLF and My Time Our Place


Our documentation is always completed on time.


We are always ready to teach.


Educators share their EYLF experiences with other educators as part of our professional development.


Children are kept clean.


Cleanliness of our room environment is a part of our success.


All educators’ paper work must be accurate and up to date according to our Service regulations and policies.


What we do all day counts in growing our service.


We Measure our ability to perform against the regulations, NQS and the schemes policies and procedures.


Valuing new educators


All of us are knowledgeable about our Service and community


We Handle All Damages And Loss To Children's Property Promptly.


We Are “The Very Best Educators …. Guaranteed”


We Are “The Very Best Nominated Supervisor …. Guaranteed”


We respond to all customer complaints promptly and sincerely.


We are always positive about our work, our Service, our families and our educators


We always represent Our Service


We engage our families.


We treat all of our service employees and educators as customers.


We are respectful of each family’s values and culture.


We do a risk assessment of all environments children will be in.


“Good Enough Never Is”


We are proud of our team.

We inform the Nominated Supervisor when we observe and are concerned about children's development in regards to:

We learn about our local community in authentic real ways that represent the everyday way they live.