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Welcome to Bankstown Childcare Academy.

At Bankstown Childcare Academy we believe each child is unique. Our involvement with the community and families is a major facet of our commitment to ensuring that quality early childhood education is embedded in our daily practice here at our Centre. Through diverse play experiences and intentional teaching, our children are developing skills that encourages them to grow into confident, caring people becoming valuable members of society. By supporting the many interests, abilities and cultural diversity of the children, we provide an environment that supports The Early Years Learning Framework in a warm, secure, loving way.

Our educators responds to each child’s need for rest, exercise, nutrition; educators implement teaching practices and strategies in a way that is flexible, challenging, based on the child’s interests, skills, knowledge and understanding. This provides an environment of security, providing a sense of belonging to the centre.

Our Gallery

Our aims is for each child to celebrate his/her separate identity, yet still be able to work and contributes constructively within a large group.centre.

National Quality Standards

The seven quality areas of the National Framework guide us in ensuring that we are meeting the needs not only of the children, but of the families, the educators and the community as a whole.

• Educational Program Practice
• Children’s Health and Safety
• Physical Environment
• Staffing Arrangements.

Accepting and embracing the diversity of our families, we respect and acknowledge their cultural beliefs and practices.

Our Vision

We agree with the Council of Australian Governments’ vision that:

• “All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation.

• ”And we are "committed to closing the gap” in educational achievement between Indigenous and Non- Indigenous Australians within a decade."